Quotes around Oviedo

10:18 PM

Hello people!

Some cities like Madrid, London, New York, Bristol. . . have on their walls some kind of street art that is based in quotes.

In Spain this is called "Acción Poetica" but is not a spanish thing. It was created in Mexico by the poet  Armando Alanís Pulido, he wrote on the walls all type of short poems about love or the nowadays world.

This "activity" (Acción Poetica) has been spread around some countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Argentina and Perú.

The ones that I show below are from Oviedo (Asturias).
I promise that if I find more I will upload them... and if you have pictures of this type of street art in your city or wherever, please show me the photos, I wanna see it!!!

(Turn off your TV, turn on your mind)

(Sometimes madness is the only way of surviving)

Hope you like it!

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