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Hello People! Today I've a different post... is about... well, you will see.

When you see the last pictures the first thing you think about is "What is that?, I wanna go to Greece!!" But I'm so sorry, this is not in Greece, is part of a church that you can find in the middle of Oviedo(Asturias).

The church is called Santa Maria de la Corte. It was build in the mid 16th century as a temple for the San Vincent Convent (nowadays this convent is the Archaeological Museum of Asturias) and inside the church we can find the Friar Benito Jerónimo Feijóo y Montenegro tomb. He was a Galician (Spain) monk and scholar who led the Age of Enlightenment in Spain. 

In front of the church you can find a statue of him... do you wanna know something peculiar? The statue is looking to a window of the Archaeological museum... can you guess what was inside that window? HIS CELL (Non a prison one)! It is said that inside the church, the left tribune (raised platform) was used by him to hear Mass because it was connected to his cell. You can visit the cell if you enter in the museum.

The outside part of the church is also uncommon, is a structure with two towers but one of them wasn't built. And if you enter inside, the first things you can see are the ionic columns that I've showed at first.

Hope you like it!

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