Busy Week

6:30 PM

Hello people! Sorry for not writing during this week, I've been so busy... and to be honest I feel a bit blue.
As you know Im having bad days but as always... I try to keep smiling all the time. 
Sometimes this is so complicated and even annoying, but I prefer be doing that all the time that having to answer the typical questions "are you ok?" "what has happened?" "do you wanna talk?" Damn! No! I don't wanna talk, I spend most of my life talking... do you really think that if I do wanna talk I wouldn't?!
I know that people just wanna be nice and kind, but sometimes they bother me... I feel like I'm rude with them bc I don't tell them the truth, but I don't know if I'm able to do it...

Well, I'm going to stop annoying you with my life problems... The best day of the week was Last friday, I went partying with some friends!! I really enjoy it!! I hope we have more day like that.


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