Happy Moments♡

1:20 PM

Fall is coming and I want to make a post with some pics of this summer.

First I wanna say thank you to all because this summer has been the best one in my life. 
I went to DC that has been always my dream city, and there I met the most amazing people all over the world, and I'm completely sure that my great trip to USA wouldn't be the same if they weren't there.
Thanks to them I've realised that you can find anywhere some people who can make you be the happiest girl ever even if you aren't from the same country, and I have also learnt that I don't need anyone who doesn't need me.

I wanna say too that my friends from Asturias are the best friends ever, they are always able to make you smile when you only wanna cry.

So as I have said... Thanks to all for this amazing summer

 (My crazy friends )

(Family )

(My cousin, yes, the goalkeeper)

(Six Flags)

(Pictures of my trip to DC, the guy in the last one is my swedish friend... I will never ever forget you  )

(My lovely friend Merce a.k.a. Merce-donia )

(Perfect afternoons in Quemedas)

(Gijon, best city ever!)

(My granny loves selfies... and she is 80 and she had an stroke last year, that shows me that it doesn't matter how hard is life, you have to be happy always)

(Photos of the WWAT July 10&11: The first day I had a normal ticket but the second I had an early entry ticket... anyway I slept in the street for being to able to be in the first row)

(Celebrating my 19th Bday with my craaaazy friends)

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