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Hello everyone! I have to apologised for not writing during this days. I've been a bit blue.

Last week one of my friends lost his dad (In case she reads this post...I just wanna say that I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH, I'm here for everything you need!
I didn't know him, but when someone young dies I start realising that we only live once, and we have to do whatever we want, we have to take all the opportunities that the life gives us and we have to make our dreams come true!! We don't know how much long are we going to be here. As my lovely James Dean said "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today"

I also have to add that my "Blue days" (I will call like that the days I feel sad while thinking about life) have been also related with a guy... I'm 19 years old, I think I deserve to think about guys too! haha. Well, definitely I can say that I don't understand boys, one day they say one thing and next day they are doing the opposite... WTF?! CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN ME WHY?! Then they (males) will say that we are the weird ones... Ok, its fine... 
I will like to say that not all the guys are like that, there are some that I understand... unluckily they live too many km far from me. 

Now that I talk about boys, I'm going to recommend you a book: Mad About The Boy (its a Bridget Jones book, so funny!)


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