Game of Thrones: "Winter is Coming" to Spain

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[Para leer en ESPAÑOL, en la zona de la derecha se encuentra la opción de "Traducir" (Translate)]

Hey people!!

The fifth season of Game of Thrones is being filmed in the South of Spain (Seville, Cordoba...).
A few weeks ago I wrote about how this TV Show had increased the Irish Tourism (check the post HERE )

So, now that is being filmed here, all the restaurants, hotels, and attractive places there, are prepared for the tourism boom that is going to happened.

"According to Time Magazine, previous filming locations have reported dramatic increases in tourism following the show’s visit. The number of tourists visiting the town and the Seville area is expected to rise by 15 percent, according to U.S. ambassador to Spain and former HBO exec James Costos."

The restaurants are starting to prepare some theme menus: "Local businesses are already preparing for an influx: Casa Curro, an Osuna restaurant, has prepared a Games of Thrones-themed menu with dishes like the Joffrey — a bacon and trout dish with mulled wine."

This TV Show is not only boosting the tourism, is also boosting the economy, more than 86,000 people showed up for auditions when Spanish production company Fresco Film said it needed 600 extras for Game of Thrones, and now, 600 spanish extras are earning 65$ per day. It sounds a bit "stupid" but most of them were unemployed and this job is the only way of surviving.

Can you imagine any of the characters walking down this amazing place in Seville? 
Oh, wait!! is not the first time you see this place, is it? Maybe if I show you another picture you would recognised it....


Is not the first time that Seville is turning into a Hollywood stage, this image is from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, that was filmed in the Plaza España.

Here I let you some pictures of the actors in the Alcazar of Seville



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