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10:56 PM

Hey there!! I wanna say two things:

The first one I wanna say, is that one of my friends have a spanish website of the beatles that you should check!!! if you click HERE you will enter in the page. If you are from Spain and you love the beatles that is such a good webpage for you!!

The second one, I've decided to make like a plan that is called "Take One" I also wanna explain that proyect, I will stick over some walls of my city some "take one" posters with two different things, you could watch them in a few days!! I will post photos on the blog showing you how is everything going. I stick the posters in my city, but some friends are goint to stick them in more parts of Spain, if you wanna colaborate, please say it to me explaining where do you live, I will send you the posters by email, you print and stick them in your city and then you take a photo of it and send it to me and I will publish it in this blog♥

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